Dear parent:

Welcome to Step By Step Learning Academy, a Dual Language Early Childhood program. Choosing a quality  program is an extremely important decision for both parent and child.

Developmentally this is the most critical time in your child’s life. We are happy you have chosen us. As a center we are not so big that your family gets lost in the shuffle but, just big enough where they will have an enriching experience alongside our highly qualified and passionate staff.

Consider us a second family to your child. As they say it takes a village…

We look forward to getting to know you and supporting your child through these formative years.

Our qualified staff is committed to provide a safe, nurturing and stimulating environment for our children. Our programs are designed to offer developmentally appropriate objectives, creative opportunities, sense of independence, culturally and linguistically diverse activities.

Please take the time to read the parent handbook and feel free to ask any questions. 

Keep an eye out for various family engagement activities throughout the year and we look forward to sharing this special time with your family.

We are here to serve you and your youngster, so feel free to call us.

W can be reached at the school office: (407) 447-4247.

Owner of Step By Step Learning Academy


School Philosophy

Step By Step Learning Academy is a quality Dual Language Early Childhood Education program. We believe children learn through play and different experiences using their senses and varied experiences, all while accommodating to every child’s needs and learning styles.

At Step By Step we provide a safe, healthy, nurturing  fun filled atmosphere that allows the children to discover impressions about themselves and the world around them all guided by learning goals and specific developmental milestones that will help them flourish.

Central Florida has become a diverse area, for that reason we have implemented a Dual Language program. We have done so in order to help preserve the Hispanic / Latino culture and Spanish language and/ or expose children to a new language and culture that will enrich their learning and expand their cognitive function as it relates to problem solving abilities.

We are after all helping shape global citizens.

We believe that a child’s first experience with the school should be a special time that will make them feel good about themselves and be excited about learning.